Saturday 2nd of March 2024


11.30am - Doors open to members and guests
12.00pm to 1.15pm - Members enter their auction lots
2.00pm - Auction starts


Nuwarra Public School, Mckay Ave, Moorebank NSW


For those members who are financial,  ENTRY IS FREE!
Financial members will also receive their bidders card for FREE!

Entry: $2 per person above 18 years of age (we may ask for ID)
Bidders cards: $5
NOTE: All bids MUST be made with a bidders card. Bids made without a bidders card will not be accepted.



We are expecting 300 lots to go up for sale. We aren't able to advise what fish and goods will be available for sale as club members enter their lots on the day just before the auction starts.

An auction will typically have lots of the following for sale (but there is no guarantee these will be for sale on the day):

* African Cichlids - from Lake Malawi, Lake Tanganyika, Lake Victoria and also Rift Lakes.
* American Cichlids - a variety of species from large Central Americans to the smaller dwarf American cichlids
* Catfish and plecos - a variety of all different types of catfish, typically including bristlenose and L numbers
* Dry goods - breeding caves, driftwood, aquascaping rocks, filters, etc. Note only brand new electrical items are sold at the auction.


For those members who have been allocated auction lots:

  1. Read and comply with the Major Auction rules and general auction rules.
  2. Read and follow the bagging rules
    That is: Ensure Bags labels are placed vertically on the bag and have clear tape over the top. Ensure you number your bags per the instruction on the back of your lots. If you turn up to book in your fish and you have not put the lot number on and put tape over, you will be sent away to fix. Your cooperation with the instructions will save our scrutineers a lot of time,  so please take the extra care. Please ensure you are also following the sizing guide + make sure you bag your fish appropriately - if you think the fish would be better in separate bags, then bag them separately!
  3. Read and follow the minimum sizing rules for the fish your are entering into the auction.
  4. Read and follow the pre scrutineering checklist to make scrutineering a breeze.
  5. Ensure you are in the hall with all bags labelled, taped, numbered and auction lot forms filled out by 1:15PM sharp! No lots will be accepted after this time!
  6. If you think the fish you are entering is rare, or believe we may not have this fish in our database of photos, please bring a photo along with you on a USB so we can upload the picture for the auction. If we have a picture, more people are able to see what the fish looks like before they commit to bidding!

If you have not bagged your fish correctly you will be asked to move away from the book-in area and fix the required bags and join the end of the line. If you are asked to fix your bags please do so without fuss - we have asked you to fix your bags for a reason - we would prefer the fish to make it home to their new owners.

Once your fish have been booked in, they are still your responsibility. Should your bag deflate or leak during the auction, you will be asked to fix before we can put it through the auction. If you are not there on the day to fix the bag it will be fixed for you by one of our committee members and you will be charged $2 per bag (this will be taken out of your money collected at the end of the auction).


A bidding card is required to be able to make a big at Major Auctions. All financial members will receive their bidders card for free. Guests are required to purchase a bidders card for $5. Please note that your bid will not be accepted if you do not show your bidders card when making the bid.

Bids: will be in minimum amounts of:
$1 increments from $1 to $20.
$2 increments from $20 to $50.
$5 increments beyond $50 and $10 bids after $100.
Note: auctioneers may accept bids less than the increments if they see fit.

Payment: Cash only.


Lucky door prize for MEMBERS in attendance only on the night


The Trade Table will be open for all your fish needs. Food, bags and many other items available for sale! Ray will be able to help you out! Re-bagging Auction fish available from $2.

Karen will be at the supper table with plenty of food and drinks to be purchased on the day!


Do you want to win a great prize on the night!? We will be having a raffle with dry goods as prizes.

Raffle tickets will be available to be purchased throughout the day and night!
1 strip of 6 tickets – $5
11 strips of 6 tickets – $50
24 strips of 6 tickets – $100


Thanks to our sponsors that will be supporting the meeting by donating some great prizes for the raffle. Raffle prizes usually include gift vouchers, live fish and a great mix of dry goods.


Do you have any articles that our Editor could use for our Magazine? This is your chance to share what you have! Club money up for grabs! Speak to our Editor at our meetings for more information!


For those members who are financial - ENTRY IS FREE!
You must be a financial member to be eligible for the members giveaway and receive a free bidders card. See the membership team on the night at the door to confirm your membership status.


Meetings are held on the 1st Saturday of each month, except in January.

Major Auctions are held on 1st Saturday of March & October

Christmas Meeting is held on 1st Saturday of December


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6 JULY 2024
The next Meeting and Mini Auction will be held on Saturday, 6 July 2024.


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